Peningkatan Produksi Pare (Momordhica charantia L) dengan Pemberian Konsentrasi dan Interval Pupuk Organik cair Limbah Tahu

  • endriani Universitas Lancang Kuning
  • Haviz Alhaviz Universitas Lancang Kuning
  • Indra Purnama Universitas Lancang Kuning
Keywords: Keywords: bitter gourd, liquid organic fertilizer (LOF) of tofu waste, the concentration of tofu waste


Pare (Momordhica charantia L) is one of the horticultural crops that is currently gaining interest. This is indicated by the results of research on potency, nutritional content, and new varieties of bitter melon. Pare contains high protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The increasing interest in pare is something that needs attention, especially in increasing its availability. Increasing bitter melon production can be achieved by using liquid organic fertilizer from tofu waste. Tofu liquid waste is a type of organic fertilizer that has a role in improving soil's physical, chemical, and biological properties. This study aims to determine the best interaction response of concentration and interval of giving tofu liquid waste to bitter melon production. The research was carried out in the experimental garden of the Faculty of Agriculture, Lancang Kuning University, Yos Sudarso street, km. 08 Pekanbaru. This research was conducted in October - December 2021, using a factorial complete randomized design (CRD) consisting of two factors and three replications. The first factor is the concentration of tofu liquid waste (K) application, and the second factor is the interval of tofu liquid waste (P) application. Observational data were analyzed statistically using variance, which if f count ≥ f table 5%, then proceed with the Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) at 5% level. The application of liquid organic fertilizer from tofu waste had a single significant effect on the observation of fruit diameter and length of fruit, while the interval of application of liquid organic fertilizer from tofu waste singly had a significant effect on the observation of fruit diameter, fruit length, fruit weight per fruit, fruit weight per plant, and the amount fruit per plot. The interaction of concentrations and intervals of liquid organic fertilizer from tofu waste has a significant effect on fruit diameter.


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