Testing the Effectiveness and Practicality of Android Media in Vocational Schools by Using the 4-D Development Model

  • Yuliawati Yunus Universitas Putra Indonesia 'Yptk'
  • Monica Fransisca Universitas Lancang Kuning
  • Renny Permata Saputri Universitas Lancang Kuning
Keywords: Effectiveness, Entrepreneurship, Android Media, Practicality, Vocational


Based on the initial observations made, it can be assumed that most students at the Vocational School of Padang City have the means to carry out online activities with their respective smart devices, especially smartphones. However, most of the learning media used are still conventional, and minimal with the use of technology. So it is necessary to innovate the use of online media-based learning media, especially on smartphones, especially on the android platform, students can become more interested and feel challenged in the learning process, especially in entrepreneurship subjects. The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness and practicality of the entrepreneurial android media. Research and testing of this product uses a 4D development model (Define, Design, Development, and Dissemination). The research instrument used in this test is a questionnaire with the number of respondents being 30 students of class X Tourism Department, Vocational School, Padang City. The results of the effectiveness test were obtained with indicators of happy learning, and the existence of interesting teaching materials of 88.67% with a very effective category. Then for practicality test results obtained with indicators of user condition, effectiveness of learning time, and benefits of 89.0% with very practical category. The more effective and practical a media is used, the higher its quality will be to support the learning process.


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