Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Tunagrahita Melalui Kewirausahaan Sederhana di Kampung Idiot Desa Karangpatihan Balong Kabupaten Ponorogo Jawa Timur

  • Dhika Amalia Kurniawan Unida Gontor Ponorogo
  • Hayatul Maemunah Unida Gontor Ponorogo
  • Muhammad Muhammad Unida Gontor Ponorogo


This community service activity involves one partner as the object and location of the activity, namely the mentally retarded community group in the village of Karang Patihan Balong Ponorogo. This village has been widely known by the public as the Idiot village. The problems faced by partners are limitations or weaknesses in thinking like normal people so that they are unable to work and are unable to fulfill their daily needs so that they depend on the help of other people. This was due to the food crisis in 1967. This condition results in mental retardation from being able to work like normal people, so that it has an impact on economic disability. The solution offered by the PKM team is to empower mentally retarded community groups to take part in simple entrepreneurship training, namely by cultivating vegetables through poly bag media, where vegetable products are needed for the wider community and the results are easy to market and mentally retarded people have no difficulty marketing them. The method in this activity is participatory training through training, mentoring and evaluation of the program being implemented. The purpose of this service is to help mentally retarded groups of people so they can earn income so they can be economically independent. The result of this service is that mentally retarded people in the village of Karangpatihan Balong now have land for income from vegetable cultivation, besides that there is also an increase in skills in simple entrepreneurship and as household food security for these mentally retarded people


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