Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia <p>Jurnal DINAMISIA adalah Jurnal Nasional berbasis hasil Kegiatan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat serta hilirisasi penelitian di bidang Sains Terapan dan Sains Sosial, yang diterbitkan 2 kali dalam setahun pada bulan Juni dan Desember</p> Universitas Lancang Kuning en-US Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2614-7424 Pengurangan Penggunaan Plastik Pada UMKM Perkampungan Wisata Budaya Betawi Setu Babakan Jakarta https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5214 <p><em>This program objection for&nbsp; assisting the government's efforts to reduce the plastics using in Indonesia, especially in South Jakarta. The expected benefit of the activity is the increasing of enviromental care insight by suppressing the plastic wrap using for small business unit in the Betawi Cultural Tourism Setu Babakan Village South Jakarta. The activity was counseling and discussion. The target audience was small and micro business units.&nbsp; The programme results are &nbsp;92 percent of participants will suppress the use of plastic as a wrapper and 8 percent still do not have the desire to suppress the use of plastic wrap. 92 percent of them will try to apply the green marketing concept and there are still 8 percent who do not want to apply this concept. Ninety seven percent of participants stated that this activity provided benefits and increased understanding of reducing plastics using and the concept of green marketing.</em></p> Haswan Yunaz Ahmad Nurdin Hasibuan Dodi Wahab Reny Andriyanty Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5214 Klinik Hukum Peningkatan Partisipasi Masyarakat Dalam Penyusunan Rencana Zonasi Wilayah Pesisir dan Pulau-Pulau Kecil https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5273 <p><em>Public participation in the preparation of regional regulations is a right guaranteed by the constitution, especially if the regulations to be made are closely related to the sustainability of the community's living space. This is what underlies community service activities carried out to the coastal communities of Balikpapan Bay through groups of fishermen and activists who focus on environmental and coastal issues with the aim of providing legal understanding and awareness to be involved or participate in the preparation of RZWP3K. With the FGD method through 3 stages which include presentation of material, identification of problems, and preparation of policy briefs, it is hoped that it will be able to provide concrete efforts for community participation in the preparation of regional regulations. Based on the results of community service activities, legal awareness was formed for the participants who attended, as evidenced by the involvement of all participants in the preparation of a policy brief that was submitted to the Kaltim DPRD - Special Committee on the Draft Regional Regulation. at RZWP3K East Kalimantan</em></p> Haris Retno Susmiyati Rahmawati Al Hidayah Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5273 Penyusunan Portofolio Kampung Pendidikan Arek Surabaya https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/3807 <p><em>Parenting patterns depend on how a family environment forms rules (behavior, norms and values) that must be obeyed by family members. This parenting pattern is formed by parents consisting of fathers and mothers to provide education to their children so that it can imprint on the child and make characteristics and personal for the child. So the mayor of Surabaya held the Kampung'e Arek Suroboyo education village competition which was one of the Surabaya City Government's programs in promoting the development of the quality of human resources (HR). Thus mandating "the community is obliged and responsible for the protection of children through the activities of the community's role in the implementation of child protection. The conclusion of this community service activity is the creation of this Education Village aims to create an educational, safe, comfortable, friendly, healthy, creative, creative environment and literacy for the child's growth and development process in community support that guarantees the fulfillment of children's rights and seeks optimal child protection</em></p> Yesa Cahayaning Asmara Indahingwati Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-02-09 2021-02-09 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i2.3807 Peningkatan Keterampilan Guru IPA dalam Mengembangkan Media Pembelajaran Inovatif Berbasis Potensi Lokal https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/3849 <p><em>Science learning media is an inseparable part of a learning process. The achievement of learning indicators made by a teacher, in addition to being determined by teaching skills and mastering the material, also determined learning media. These community service activities are based on the fact that teachers generally still have difficulties in developing learning media that are simple, inexpensive and can stimulate student involvement. The purpose of this activity is to provide teachers with the tools to develop innovative and challenging science learning media that are in accordance with the 21th century character. This training uses experiential learning methods with participant-centered approach through case study techniques, and simulations, followed by the process of making learning media simple. The resulting output target is the ability to develop innovative and simple science learning media.</em></p> Ade Suryanda Eka Putri Azrai Daniar Setyorini Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-07-15 2021-07-15 5 4 Pelatihan Keterampilan Membuat Informasi Berbasis Video Digital Pada Ikatan Remaja Masjid https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7253 <p>Activities in mosques are not only carrying out ritual worship activities, more than that mosques can also print young generations to grow the spirit of organization and creativity. One way to foster the spirit of youth organization is the existence of theMosque Youth Association (IRMAS). Every IRMAS activity will always prepare information, both for event information and useful information to attract the attention of the public, youth and youth to gain knowledge, the information provided can also be a means of da'wah by optimizing on Instagram and YouTube social media. The problems and obstacles for partners are that they do not yet have the ability to create digital video-based information, both for making community profiles, story activities and media promotion of IRMAS activities as well as interesting da'wah facilities so that social media cannot be improved properly. So the solution that can be done is to train partners' skills in making digital video-based information with the kine master android application and training to optimize their social media as a means of information, promotion and da'wah. The method used in this training is lecture and practice, where training participants will be given an understanding of digital video-based information, how to create digital video-based information and applications used to create digital information, such as text processing, image processing, video processing, animation processing. , create community profile lines, create activity storylines, and promotions. The success of the participants can be seen from the results of the training that participants were able to create community profiles and promote IRMAS events, where the level of understanding of participants before training was only 19% and after training participants' understanding increased to 100%. The activities carried out in this community are very much training to help mass organizations in making digital-based information with a success rate of understanding 81%, this percentage is already above 50% which is said to be increasing</p> Loneli Costaner Guntoro Lisnawita Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-12 2021-08-12 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7253 Pemanfaatan Microsoft Excel untuk Aplikasi Data Pelanggan pada Pada Usaha Jasa Pembersihan Dan Perawatan Sepatu, Tas, Dan Topi https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/6642 <p><em>Scar Wash is a micro-business engaged in the care and cleaning of bags, hats and shoes located in the Karang Menjangan area of ​​Surabaya. In the process, partners face problems in the process of storing customer data is still done in the manual form. So it isn't easy in knowing information about customers and what transactions have been made by satisfied customers to improve service. Since of these reasons, we offer to create desktop applications by utilizing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application that is quite familiar to business owners. The system consists of three main menus, namely the customer data, the service data and the transaction menu. The customer data menu is for storing customer data. The service data menu is for managing service data provided by partners and the rates of each service provided. The transaction menu is used to record every transaction of a customer that includes services and the total cost that the customer must pay. This application has the advantage of being easy to install. After all, it does not require software other than Microsoft Excel, small and fast because it runs directly on the Excel application itself and is easy to use because it has a combo-box facility for selecting customer data and service data</em></p> Fajar Astuti Hermawati Aidil Primasetya Armin Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-06 2021-08-06 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.6642 Penyuluhan Bahaya Narkoba, Gadget, dan Pergaulan Bebas Untuk Siswa SMA Negeri 1 Lhoknga https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7182 <p><em>Persuasive counseling can prevent drug use in students. Through counseling, students are expected to understand the dangers of drugs, gadgets, and promiscuity. The community service aims to provide counseling concerning the dangers of drugs, gadgets, and promiscuity for Year 12 students at SMAN 1 Lhoknga Class. To determine the success of the counseling, a pre-experimental design method, a One-Group posttest-posttest design, was used. The samples were 13 students selected through simple total sampling. The data were analyzed using a paired-sample&nbsp; t-test, with a significance level of 0.05. The results showed that most of the respondents' knowledge before counseling was in a low category (61%). After counseling, it was in the high category (92%). The bivariate analysis results showed the p-value of 0.00, indicating that there was an influence of the counseling on Year 12 students' knowledge about the dangers of drugs, gadgets, and promiscuity at SMAN 1 Loknga. This counseling positively impacts the future development of students to avoid drugs, gadgets, and promiscuity</em></p> Lensoni Mansura Feby Amanda Futry Maysura Erna Safitri Noeroel Arham Cut Rahmawati Meliyana Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7182 Penyuluhan dan pelatihan kewirausahaan sebagai upaya peningkatan intensi berwirausaha pada UKM ”Bangkit” https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5661 <p><em>Covid-19 has had a major impact on all aspects of life and in all fields. Since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, there have been many impacts of Covid-19 and the most pronounced impact has been on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector. The aim of this program is to provide counseling and training to increase entrepreneurial intentions in “Rise” SMEs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The target of this program is the people of Ngoro-Oro village who are members of UKM "Bangkit". The method used is in the form of counseling, training and direct practice (role play). Implementation of training for two days. The first day was in the form of counseling and entrepreneurial intention training which consisted of two sessions. The second day was the practice of processing local food ingredients into various types of food such as various kinds of chips (cassava chips, banana chips, spinach chips, etc.), various cakes such as bika and several types of brownies. The result of the program is that the community becomes aware of the concept of entrepreneurship, has the intention or desire to become entrepreneurial and has skills in processing local food ingredients into food products that have sale value</em></p> Surahma Asti Mulasari Fatwa Tentama Sulistyawati Tri Wahyuni Sukesi Herman Yuliansyah Lu'lu' Nafiati Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5661 PKM Panti Asuhan Bayi dan Balita “ Fajar Harapan” Pekanbaru https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/4559 <p>The Baby and Toddler Orphanage " Fajar Harapan " is located at Jalan Mustafa Yatim No.12 Pekanbaru, Riau and is chaired by Mr.H. Yazid Bakhri. Currently this orphanage accommodates 77 children consisting of 11 babies, 15 toddlers, 21 people in elementary school, 30 people in high school and junior high school with 6 caregivers. This orphanage has various problems including: First, it only relies on donors to meet financial needs such as the community and the government. Second, the level of health awareness in the orphanage is still lacking, such as the number of children experiencing scabies, lice, itching and tinea versicolor. Third, there is still a lack of bed facilities so that the orphans only sleep on thin carpets (mats). PKM is carried out in several stages including: training, implementation and evaluation. The solutions offered by this PKM program include three things: counseling, mentoring, treatment and providing facilities</p> Made Devi Wedayanti Novia Nazirun Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.4559 Pemberdayaan Siswa Melalui Penerapan Program Health Promotion Model Sebagai Upaya Pencegahan Covid-19 https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7176 <p><em>Model promosi kesehatan merupakan model konsep perubahan sikap dan perilaku yang ditandai dengan meningkatnya pengetahuan tentang informasi kesehatan pada seseorang. Model ini digunakan pada saat kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat untuk memberdayakan kelompok siswa dalam upaya penanganan dan pencegahan penularan Covid-19 di sekolah. Sasaran kegiatan pemberdayaan ini adalah siswa-siswi yang tergabung dalam organisasi PMR, UKS dan OSIM Madrasah Aliyah Qamarul Huda Lombok Tengah yang terdiri dari 20 siswa dengan 9 siswa laki-laki dan 11 siswa perempuan. Kegiatan pengabdian ini diberikan dalam bentuk pendidikan kesehatan dan pelatihan. Materi edukasi yang diberikan seputar; Covid-19; penularan Covid-19 di lingkungan sekolah; kemudian materi protokol kesehatan 5M, materi tersebut disampaikan dengan metode ceramah, sedangkan materi simulasi dan pelatihan yang telah dilakukan mengenai; latihan 6 langkah cuci tangan; cara membuat hand sanitizer; dan mensimulasikan cara menggunakan masker dengan benar. Kegiatan pemberdayaan siswa Madrasah Aliyah Qamarul Huda melalui penerapan program HPM (Health Promotion Model) memberikan dampak positif yaitu dalam meningkatkan pengetahuan dan sikap siswa tentang cara penanganan dan pencegahan penularan Covid-19 di lingkungan sekolah</em></p> Reza Indra Wiguna Menap Lalu Hersika Asmawariza Lalu Muhammad Sadam Husen D Mustamu Kamal Pa'ni Suswinda Yulisutomo Lia Arian Apriani Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7176 Efektifitas Pelatihan Teknik Pop-Up Untuk Meningkatkan Kreativitas Pendidik Anak Usia Dini https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/4991 <p>Tujuan kegiatan pengabdian untuk memberikan keterampilan media pop-up dalam peningkatan kreativitas pendidik anak usia dini. Adapun secara khusus tujuan dari pelatihan ini adalah agar guru terampil dalam hal berikut: (1) memiliki keterampilan dalam menstimulasi anak usia dini, (2) memilikiketerampilan dan pemahaman tentang pengetahuan kreatvitas pendidik anak usia dini, (3) memiliki pemahaman dan keterampilan dalam kreativitas teknik pop-up pendidik anak usia dini, (4) menganalisis efektifitas pelatihan teknik pop-up untuk meningkatkan reativitas pendidik anak usia dini. Pemilihan lokasi pengabdian di TK Tunas Bangsa menggunakan teknik purposive sampling. Sasaran kegiatan adalah guru berjumlah 25 orang. Peserta pelatihan adalah perwakilan guru yang berada di Bandar Lampung. Metode yang digunakan dalam kegiatan pengabdian ini adalah dengan memberikan pelatihan diklat pendidik anak usia dini melalui penyuluhan (pemberian materi), praktek pembuatan media teknik pop-up, serta pemberian tugas (workbook), monitoring dan evaluasi. Dari hasil analisis diketahui bahwa terdapat perbedaan signifikan positif pengetahuan dan keterampilan peserta antara sebelum dan sesudah pelatihan.</p> Vivi Irzalinda Devi Nawangsasi Sugiana Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.4991 Pelatihan Pemanduan Wisata Berbahasa Isyarat melalui Video Virtual Tour bagi Kelompok Penggerak Pariwisata Desa Wisata Alamendah https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5375 <p><em>The progress of tourism seems has not pay enough attention to the needs of people with disabilities in terms of physical, moreover in the non-physical aspects such as inclusive communication for all tourists. The experience of traveling will be very memorable if there is effective and pleasant communication between tourists and tour managers. This communication can be applied if the manager understands how to communicate using the language that understood by people with disabilities, one of which is sign language. In this community service, sign language training is carried out for tourism community (operators) in order to bridge the need for a memorable travel experience for all tourists, including deaf tourists. This training was initiated early in Alamendah Tourism Village as a tourist village that has begun to develop and well known in the Bandung Regency area. This online training, of course, apart from providing hard skill training, also opens eyes and concerns that there are many things that must be considered and prepared for tourism activities become accessible and open to all humans. This kind of training can certainly be applied elsewhere using and adopting similar steps so that attention and awareness of inclusive tourism can spread and be grounded in Indonesia.</em></p> Ghoitsa Rohmah Nurazizah Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5375 Membangun Masyarakat Mandiri dimasa Pandemi COVID-19 Melalui Pelatihan Akutansi Biaya Produk dan Teknik Pemasaran Digital https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5544 <p><em>Pandemi Corona membuat hampir semua masyarakat melakukan kegiatan dari rumah, baik itu urusan sekolah maupun pekerjaan. Tidak sedikit pula perusahaan yang melakukan Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja (PHK) maupun merumahkan para pekerjanya. Hal ini pula yang menyebabkan sistem keuangan Indonesia menjadi tidak stabil dan roda perekonomian Indonesia mengalami penurunan. Untuk menstabilkan sistem keuangan ini, maka langkah yang bisa dilakukan adalah membuat sebuah peluang usaha baru sebagai alternatif pendapatan. Peluang usaha baru yang diusulkan ini juga sejalan dengan karakteristik Usaha&nbsp;&nbsp; Mikro,&nbsp; Kecil&nbsp; dan&nbsp;&nbsp; Menengah&nbsp;&nbsp; (UMKM), dimana UMKM memiliki&nbsp; peranan penting&nbsp; dalam&nbsp; perekonomian&nbsp;&nbsp; di&nbsp; Indonesia.&nbsp; Meskipun demikian, masih terdapat beberapa&nbsp; hambatan&nbsp; internal maupun&nbsp; eksternal yang harus dihadapi pelaku UMKM. Salah satu hambatan internal yang menjadi fokus utama yang akan diangkat adalah Sumber Daya Manusia (SDM) meliputi kurangnya pengetahuan mengenai&nbsp; teknologi &nbsp;produksi&nbsp; terbaru&nbsp; dan cara menjalankan&nbsp; quality control terhadap produk, kurangnya kemampuan membaca kebutuhan pasar masih belum tajam, sehingga belum mampu menangkap dengan cermat kebutuhan yang diinginkan pasar, dan pemasaran&nbsp; produk&nbsp; masih&nbsp; mengandalkan&nbsp;&nbsp; cara&nbsp; sederhana mouth&nbsp; to mouth marketing (pemasaran dari mulut ke mulut). Untuk mengatasi berbagai permasalahan di atas maka dilakukanlah kegiatan penyuluhan dan workshop tentang pelatihan akuntansi biaya dan teknik pemasaran digital, dimana topik ini diambil agar pelaku UMKM maupun masyarakat yang baru memulai usaha karena terdampak COVID-19 mendapatkan wawasan tentang cara mengendalikan dan mencatat biaya produksi, serta dapat menjangkau pangsa pasar yang lebih luas dengan desain promosi yang lebih menarik dan teknologi digital marketingnya</em></p> Desti Fitriati Nur Yulianti Hidayah Febri Maspiyanti Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5544 Pemanfaatan Kolam Ikan Untuk Budidaya Tanaman Dengan Aquaponik https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7161 <p><em>Kolam ikan, selain dapat digunakan untuk budidaya ikan, juga dapat digunakan untuk budidaya tanaman dengan metode yang disebut aquaponik. Sebagian besar masyarakat Desa Pucang belum mengetahui tentang aquaponik, sehingga kolam ikan yang ada di pekarangan rumah belum termanfaatkan untuk budidaya tanaman. kegiatan ini bertujuan agar anggota Kelompok Wanita Tani (KWT) Sida Makmur Desa Pucang memiliki pengetahuan tentang pemanfaatan kolam ikan untuk budidaya tanaman secara aquaponik, serta termotivasi untuk memanfaatkan kolam ikan untuk budidaya tanaman dalam rangka memenuhi kebutuhan pangan dan gizi keluarga. Metode yang diberikan dalam kegiatan ini adalah penyuluhan pemanfaatan kolam ikan untuk budidaya tanaman secara aquaponik, dilanjutkan dengan diskusi dan demonstrasi pembuatan dan pemindahan tanaman ke sistem aquaponik. Setelah kegiatan PKM ini selesai dilaksanakan diketahui bahwa anggota KWT Sida Makmur Desa Pucang sangat antusias untuk mengikuti kegiatan penyuluhan aquaponik, pengetahuan tentang aquaponik meningkat, dan sebagian besar anggota termotivasi untuk memanfaatkan kolam ikan untuk budidaya tanaman dengan aquaponik.</em></p> Sapto Wibowo Wibowo Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7161 Pengenalan Computational Thinking Untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Problem Solving https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/4238 <p>Fakultas ilmu pertanian Universitas Lancang Kuning adalah salah satu fakultas milik yayasan Raja ali haji yang didirikan pada tahun 1982. Perkembangan teknologi yang semakin canggih ini, mendorong setiap fakultas harus bisa mengikuti perkembangan zaman. meskipun bergerak dibidang pertanian, maka mahasiswa sebagai generasi penerus harus mampu berdaya saing di era ekonomi digital ini dan tentunya juga harus bisa menyesuaikan perkembangan teknologi saat ini, karena jika tidak bisa beradaftasi dengan zaman sekarang, kemungkinan besar mahasiswa itu sendiri akan bisa ketertinggalan, baik dari segi penggunaan teknologi hingga berpikir secara komputasional. Pada saat ini kemampuan mahasiswa dalam menyelesaikan masalah masih rendah, Pada pengabdian ini dilakukan dengan ceramah dan memberikan contoh kasus dengan penyelesaiannya. Pelatihan ini dapat membuka pola pikir mahasiswa dan membantu mahasiswa agar terbiasa berfikir secara logis, terstruktur dan kreatif. Serta mahasiswa bisa fokus pada kemampuan berpikir untuk mencari pemecahan masalah dan mencari alternative lain sehingga mendapatkan solusi terbaik. Hasil dari Pelatihan yang dilakukan dapat meningkatkan pemahaman mahasiswa sebesar 84,7%. Terlihat dari peserta yang mampu menyelesaikan beberapa contoh kasus yang diberikan dengan baik.</p> Lisnawita Taslim Musfawati Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.4238 Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Desa Ngromo Melalui Program Perintisan Wirausaha, Pemanfaatan Lahan, dan Peduli Lingkungan https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/6351 <p>Salah satu permasalahan yang ada di masyarakat desa Ngromo adalah kurangnya pemanfaatan lahan yang cukup luas. Pada umumnya lahan milik warga hanya ditanami kayu-kayuan yang bisa dipanen dalam jangka 5-15 tahun kemudian, sehingga lahan yang luas tadi menjadi tidak produktif. Selain itu masalah itu masyarakat kurang pastisipatif terhadap kegiatan-kegiatan yang diadakan didesa ataupun dusun. Dengan adanya program gerakan besih dan sehat, gerakan kesadaran dini anti korupsi, penghijauan dan pemberdayaan wirausaha, serta pemanfaatan pekarangan rumah sebagai tempat penanaman tananman obat keluarga bertujuan menjadikan masyarakat lebih aktif, mandiri, mempunyai kesadaran untuk memajukan umkm sehingga mendongkrak perekonomian, serta turut menyukseskan dan mengawal pemerintah bersama-sama memajukan desa Ngromo. Hasil dari setiap program kerja sangat baik dan disambut antusiasme dari masyarakat yang luar biasa. Bahkan gerakan bersih dan sehat ini menjadi jadwal rutin bagi ibu-ibu RT 01/02 dalam membersihkan lingkungan bersama.</p> Yeossy Sufitri Anisa Sri Janatin Lia Setiyani Aldo Asmoro Sumarwan Bayu Aji Saputra Syaiful Mahfud Abdulloh Nanda Artia Ningrum Rizal Arifin Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.6351 Pelatihan Pengembangan Biskuit Yang Diperkaya Tepung Pisang Tongka Langit dan Ikan Cakalang Di Desa Waiheru Kota Ambon https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7100 <p><em>The purpose of this community service activity is to increase the knowledge and skills of mothers in making Tongka Langit banana and skipjack flours and processing them into biscuits. The method used in this community service activity consists of the preparation of participants, locations, tools and materials, implementation of activities with the delivery of materials and practices. The results of the activity were 30 mothers attended, there was an increase in participants' knowledge about the nutritional value and benefits of tongka langit bananas, skipjack fish, how to make flour and biscuits enriched with tongka langit bananas and skipjack flours. All participants were able/skilled in making biscuits enriched with banana flour tongka Langit and skipjack tuna.</em></p> Muhamad Asrar Ety Yuni Ristanti Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7100 Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dalam Pengembangan Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Permisan sebagai Kawasan Ekowisata https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/6520 <p><em>Pengabdian masyarakat ini dilakukan dengan tujuan dapat&nbsp; mengoptimalisasikan pengetahuan dan pemberdaayaan masyarakat di Desa Permis dalam mengembangkan kawasan Taman Wisata Alam (TWA) Gunung Permisan sebagai kawasan ekowisata secara berkelanjutan. Metode yang digunakan dalam kegiatan ini yaitu dengan cara sosialiasi secara langsung kepada masyakat dan FGD (Focus Group Discussion). Hasil yang didapatkan bahwa TWA Gunung Permisan memiliki potensi untuk dapat dikembangkan menjadi kawasan ekowisata berdasarkan potensinya. Hal ini juga didukung dengan antusiasnya masyarakat desa dalam mengelola lingkungan secara berkelanjutan. Perlunya kolaborasi dalam mengembangan kawasan TWA Gunung Permisan sehingga secara bersama-sama dapat menjadi pelopor konservasi, mempertahankan identitasi sosial budaya masyakat, dan menjadi salah satu penompang dalam meningkatkan perekonomian masyarakat. Pengabdian ini secara tidak langsung dapat meningkatnya pengetahuan masyarakat dalam mengelola potensi sumberdaya alam; menumbuhkan mindset untuk berkolaborasi membentuk suatu komunitas yang berpotensi dapat meningkatkan pendapatan ekonomi masyarakat; dan adanya inisiatif pembentukkan kelompok masyarakat sadar wisata sebagai upaya pengelolaan lingkungan yang berkelanjutan</em></p> Henri Henri Rahmad Lingga Budi Afriyansyah Riko Irwanto Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.6520 Pelatihan English For Tourist Guide Untuk Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI) Kota Pekanbaru https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5368 <p>According to the Indonesian Tourism Association statutes 2011, tour guideshave several duties, one of them is improving consecutively their professionalism. The indicator which can be indicated from their professionalism is their capability in doing well communication with their colleague or tourist particularly communication in English. Related to the daily activity, wheneverI invite them to make an English tour none of them ready to execute it. It one of the symptoms shows that they have limit capability in English communication. To solve this problem, I and team have trained them in English for tourist guide in several meetings. As a result, this English tourist guide training can develop their capability in making English communicationas long as they want to practice their English with their colleague or by them selves</p> Syaifullah Refika Andriani Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5368 Pelatihan Keselamatan Dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3) Bagi Pengelola Bank Sampah Berkah Abadi Kelurahan Limbungan https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5196 <p><em>Bank Sampah saat ini menjadi solusi dalam memecahkan persoalan sampah terutama di Kota Pekanbaru, sampah yang tidak bernilai ekonomis yang selama ini menjadi penyebab kebanjiran, polusi serta kotoran yang menjijikkan dapat menjadi barang – barang dan produk lainnya yang memiliki nilai ekonomis yang tinggi. Dalam pengelolaannya, diperlukan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3) bidang kelistrikan agar peralatan kerja berupa mesin yang dioperasikan menggunakan tenaga listrik serta instalasinya telah sesuai standar yang berlaku sehingga capaian zero accident untuk keselamatan dan kesehatan dilingkungan tempat kerja dapat terwujud. Pelatihan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3) Kelistrikan bagi Pengelola Bank Sampah Kelurahan Limbungan bertujuan untuk menambah pengetahuan, cara penanganan, serta langkah preventif apa saja yang harus dilakukan agar penggunaan dan pemasangan yang tidak selamat (dapat mengancam keselamatan kerja, ancaman kebakaran akibat konsleting dan sebagainya) dapat dihindari sehingga pelatihan ini diharapkan dapat mengubah budaya hidup selamat dengan moto mengutamakan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3) khususnya kelistrikan di lingkungan Bank Sampah Berkah Abadi Kelurahan Limbungan</em></p> David Setiawan Hamzah Eteruddin Ambar Tri Ratnaningsih Monice Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5196 Peningkatan Kesehatan Masyarakat di Masa Pandemi Bagi Warga Panti Asuhan di Surabaya https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/6232 <p><em>This Community Service (PKM) activities is based on the condition of the orphanage which is inhabited by many people. Maintaining health is very important while living and interacting with many people during the Covid-19 Pandemic. One of the efforts to maintain health is by implementing personal hygiene so we are not become a virus carrier for other people. Based on the recommendation of WHO and also the Surabaya City Government, residents are asked to implement a clean and healthy lifestyle (PHBS). This PKM aimed to provide information to the community, particularly who lives in orphanage, about efforts to live a clean and healthy lifestyle and provide vitamins and foodstuffs to maintain and improve the personal health of the residents of the orphanage. The implementation of this Community Service activity took place from June-October 2020. With the implementation of this activity, it was found that there was an increase in the understanding of the orphanage about clean and healthy living habits. In addition, it is hoped that in the long term, the residents of the orphanage will be more concerned with personal hygiene and also apply health protocols in their daily lives so that they can break the chain of transmission of the Covid 19 pandemic</em></p> Clarashinta Canggih Khusnul Fikriyah Rachma Indrarini Sri Abidah Suryaningsih Nurul Hanifah Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.6232 Pengolahan Sampah Rumah Tangga Menjadi Kompos di Kelurahan. Labuh Baru Timur Pekanbaru https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/2265 <p><em>Garbage Used newspapers and paper are garbage that is produced in many households and in office environments. Kedungsari Village has an environmental love group formed by the name of the Waste Bank Cadre. This group exists in every RW and consists of two people who are appointed as pioneers in managing waste in their environment to be used as a source of income for their citizens. So far the garbage collected is still limited to the crude form of the waste and is exchanged for the rupiah, but with the initial form of transformation into an aesthetic value form it will increase the selling value of the waste. The method of implementing this PKM activity includes: Extension, Demonstration, Training, Mentoring, and Evaluation.&nbsp; The results of the community service activities carried out in Kedungsari Subdistrict, Sukajadi District, Pekanbaru, increased the knowledge of participants in managing used papers or newspapers for 62.50%, and obstacles that could hinder the craft of managing paper or used newspapers. So that the Kelurahan apparatus must make a policy to form a local market that can provide motivation to artisans to use used paper or used newspapers to be a selling value item.</em></p> Ambar Tri Ratna Ningsih Latifa Siswati Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.2265 Cegah Stunting Pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19 dengan Pembentukan Srikandi PMBA https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5699 <p>Pada masa pandemic COVID-19 layanan kesehatan ibu dan anak khususnya pada 1000 hari pertama kehidupan (HPK) menjadi terhambat. Status kesehatan yang tidak dipantau dalam waktu yang lama dapat menimbulkan masalah baru pada ibu dan anak. Untuk itu pengabdi membentuk Srikandi PMBA yang merupakan kader kesehatan untuk kembali mengaktifkan posyandu sehingga pelayanan kesehatan di masyarakat kembali berjalan. Metode pelaksanaan kegiatan yang digunakan berupa partisipasi masyarakat yaitu pendidikan masyarakat, pembentukan srikandi PMBA, pendampingan, serta role play. Hasil dari kegiatan ini adalah terdapat peningkatan pengetahuan kader tentang pemberian makan bayi dan anak serta tehnik komunikasi dan konseling sebanyak 45 point. Kegiatan selanjutnya yaitu pemantauan tumbuh kembang menggunakan KPSP yang diikuti oleh 8 balita dengan hasil 75% sesuai dan 25 % meragukan. Selain pemeriksaan tumbuh kembang Srikandi PMBA juga melakukan edukasi PMBA dan menjadi motor gerakan kebun gizi dengan cara memanfaatkan lahan pekarangan untuk menanam sayur untuk memenhi kebuthan ruumah tangga. Kegiatan ini penting dilakukan mengingat masih ada balita yang mengalami masalah gizi karena kurang nya pengetahuan tentang menu yang tepat untuk anak</p> Rahayu Widaryanti Lenna Maydianasari Melani Maranressy Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5699 Diversitas Produk Anti Polutan Dan Marketing E-Bisnis Pada Desa Maesan, Kec. Mojo Kediri https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5680 <p><em>Maesan Village is located in Mojo District, Kediri Regency, East Java Province. In this village, there are farmer groups who have major problems, including in this case pollution due to the use of tin waste, secondly it is still dependent on middlemen who provide low interest prices so they need a way to release dependence on middlemen, third is about financial records. With the case study method of the Kembang Karomah farmer group, in this community service, the solution that will be discussed in this paper is product diversity to increase selling prices, then e-marketing to cut middlemen, when providing insights for recording financial reports. The results of this research and community service are that the Kemabang Karomah farmer group is able to increase their knowledge of human resources and is ready to diversify products to anti-pollutant plants, and be able to use e-marketing applications.</em></p> Sri Herianingrum Sylva Alif Rusmita Lina Nugraha Rani Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5680 Sosialisasi Penataan Rumah yang Rapi Menggunakan Fischer di Kecamatan Sematang Borang https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/3798 <p><em>Implementation of community service (PKM) carried out in Sukamulya Village, Sematang Borang Subdistrict, Palembang City was motivated by a lack of knowledge and understanding of the community regarding physical aids in residential structuring. Fischer or viser is a tool for connecting screws made by plastic material that is commonly used for household installation purposes such as installing shelves, curtains, TV briquettes and so forth. The PKM method is carried out through socialization, the practice of installing a physical exam and a survey of material understanding using a questionnaire. </em><em>The results of the socialization showed 75% more understanding and knowledge of the people of Sukamulya Village on the installation of fischer in the arrangement of the house to make it more presentable.</em></p> Mahmud Basuki Selvia Aprilyanti Winny Andalia Hermanto MZ Azhari Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-07-15 2021-07-15 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.3798 Bimbingan Teknis Pembuatan Kampas Rem Cakram Berbahan Komposit Polimer Untuk Sepeda Motor https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5892 <p><em>Kampas rem merupakan salah satu komponen yang sangat vital dalam sebuah kendaraan yang berfungsi memperlambat bahkan menghetikan kecepatan pada saat terjadi ancaman kecelakaan akibat laju kendaraan yang tidak terkontrol oleh pengendara. Kampas rem yang beredar di pasaran umumnya terbuat dari bahan asbestos yang memiliki kekurangan diantaranya tidak ramah lingkungan. Tujuan dari pelaksanaan bimbingan teknis pembuatan kampas cakram sepeda motor adalah untuk memberikan pengetahuan kepada siswa Jurusan Otomotif SMK 2 Kendari dan Mahasiswa D3 Teknik Mesin Program Pendidikan Vokasi, tentang bagaimana memanfaatkan bahan serat dan tempurung kelapa sebagai bahan alternatif kampas rem cakram. Pengabdian ini juga mendorong kreativitas serta minat berusaha siswa dan mahasiswa dalam memanfaatkan bahan alam tempurung kelapa sebagai bahan kampas rem pada kendaraan khususnya kampas rem sepeda motor yang secara berkala harus diganti dengan yang baru. Mitra kegiatan ini adalah bengkel Shaqueela Barakati Kelurahan Anduonohu. Melalui program pengabdian ini diharapkan terwujudnya wirausaha baru yang inovatif, kreatif dan berdaya saing dalam meningkatkan kompetensi secara mandiri. Kegiatan ini berlangsung sangat efektif dan efisien ditandai dengan antusiasme siswa dan mahasiswa dalam mempersiapakan bahan hingga melaksanakan pembuatan produk kampas rem</em></p> Aminur La Hasanudin Salimin Abd. Kadir Raden Rinova Sisworo Citra Yurnidarsyah Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5892 Meningkatkan Semangat Mengonsumsi Jus Melalui Boba https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/4368 <p><em>Boba is a bubble tea made from tapioca flour and has a sweet taste. However, not a few boba that uses sugar in excess which is very dangerous for human health. At the present time all things can be viral quickly, something new will quickly spread in the community. A thing that is trending in the community will affect one's desires. As is currently developing boba, but many boba is not good for health. Therefore, we want to create healthy boba made from natural ingredients that can maintain health. Boba is different from boba in general. Fruit juice mixture that will add properties for health and fitness. We use Instagram social media to make observations and dedication even though in the midst of the 19th outbreak of Covid this service will continue.</em></p> Annisa Nurintha Fitri Fahmi Mahmuddin Siregar Lestari Bunga Pertiwi Dini Safitri Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.4368 Peningkatan Kapasitas Sumber Daya Manusia PAUD dengan Pelatihan Bahasa Inggris Di Kecamatan Nanggulan Kabupaten Kulon Progo Yogyakarta https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/4497 <p><em>Community service activities, specifically the Community Partnership Program (PKM), aims to improve the ability of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) teachers, both in terms of pronunciation and the methods that support it in Nanggulan sub-district, Kulon Progo district. The target audience for this service program are the PAUD teachers in SPS Tunas Harapan, which amount to 4 (four) people. The programs that have been implemented are training 1) How to pronounce English words, and 2) English methods for PAUD level. The overall process of science and technology transfer is carried out with a pattern of education and training that is equipped with socialization to these teachers to improve the ability and skills to use English developed through English language training (pronunciation on pronunciation or pronunciation) and methods and benefits to improve teacher ability and school quality.</em></p> Yashinta Farahsani Margaretha Dharmayanto Harmanto Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.4497 Penggunaan Google Classroom Bagi Guru Sekolah Dasar Negeri 170 Palembang Sebagai Platform Pembelajaran Daring di Masa Pandemi Covid-19 https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7148 <p>Indonesia is currently facing the Covid-19 pandemic situation, where we are entering the New Normal stage. This New Normal stage changes the process of educational activities, conventional education is changed to New Normal era education. New Normal era education in the implementation of learning involves the use of technology, technology in delivering material to students in their respective educational units. The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia officially conveys on the official website kemdikbud.go.id about Guidelines for the Implementation of Learning in the Academic Year and the New Academic Year in the New Normal Period. yellow, orange, and red zones are prohibited from conducting face-to-face learning in education units. Education units in these zones continue to learn by learning from home. This community service for SD Negeri 170 Palembang teachers aims to introduce the Google Classroom application as a means of supporting learning activities. The method in this service activity is training. The results obtained from this training activity on the use of Google Classroom are that it can increase teachers' understanding of technology that can be utilized optimally in conducting teaching and learning activities.</p> Guntoro Barovih Muhammad RidhoArdiansyah Deli Abdurunnapis Hutanegara Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7148 Penguatan Usaha Kecil Berbasis Godong Simbukan dalam Meningkatkan Ekonomi Masyarakat Kabupaten Lumajang https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/5820 <p><em>Usaha kecil di Indonesia telah mengalami perkembangan kearah yang lebih baik. Namun di era pandemi covid-19 mengalami kemerosotan dan berpengaruh pada kondisi perekonomian masyarakat. Tidak terkecuali usaha kecil dengan inovasi dari godong simbukan yang terletak di Kabupaten Lumajang. Usaha ini juga mengalami kemerosotan, padahal baru berdiri. Hal ini perlu ditunjang dengan penguatan baik berupa pendampingan maupun pelatihan. Kegiatan pendampingan yang paling mendesak adalah berupa pendampingan untuk melakukan analisis kelayakan usaha. Sedangkan pelatihan berupa penyusunan laporan keuangan yang sesuai dengan standar dan perencanaan untuk periode yang akan datang. Hasil dari pendampingan adalah terjadinya peningkatan kemampuan dari mitra dalam menganalisis kelayakan usaha, serta dapat melakukan analisis secara mandiri apabila ingin meningkatkan usahanya. Pelatihan menghasilkan kemampuan menyusun laporan keuangan dan memasukkan kedalam pos-posnya</em></p> Riza Bahtiar Sulistyan Ninik Lukiana Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.5820 Penyuluhan Perubahan Prilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat Masyarakat Dalam Pencegahan Covid 19 https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7018 <p><em>The corona virus has an impact on death continued to increase, thus providing fear, trauma and stress for the community. The Community Service Team STISIP Mbojo provides counseling and assistance in changing clean and healthy living behavior for community in Kelurahan Rabangodu Selatan. The method used is counseling and mentoring. Participants include Lurah, , RT, RW and Community. The Result obtained : First; outreach activities in providing information regarding the corona virus disease (covid) 19 epidemic and the causative factors and ways of preventing it are running smoothly. Second; assistence activities through preparing a place to wash hands in every house, encouraging the community to plan a living pharmacy in each house to create a comfortable and healthy environment, familiarize the community with wearing masks, the down movement for a clean environment, and build a harmonious spirit of mutual cooperating in togetherness to crate a healthy village , with wearing masks, the down moverment for a clean environment, and build&nbsp; a harmonious spirit&nbsp; of mutual cooperation in togetherness to create a healthy village through the clean Friday movement environment (JUMPA BERLIAN).</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Tauhid Muhammad Taufiq Adi Hidayat Argubi Surip Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7018 Pembuatan Abon Ikan Untuk Peningkatan Nilai Tambah Hasil Tambak Ikan di Desa Songan,Kecamatan Kintamani, Bali https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/6222 <p><em>Songan Village, Kintamani District is a village that has local potential, namely the large number of tilapia fish cultivators. However, the cultivators have been selling their harvest in the form of raw fish only. The relatively cheap price of raw fish cannot provide significant benefits to tilapia fish cultivators, so that innovation is needed to add the value by further processing it. Seeing this situation, it is necessary to hold training in processing tilapia fish into ready-to-eat food such as fish floss and in product packaging, in order to increase the selling value of tilapia fish. Making fish floss does not require a large cost, so it is easy to be applied by tilapia fish cultivators. Meanwhile, the selling value is relatively better than the selling value of raw fish. Problems in the field in this community service activity were explored through observation and interview methods. After the problems were identified, training preparations and socialization were carried out, then training on making fish floss and their packaging were conducted. This activity is succeeded in providing an understanding of the importance of increasing the added value of fish production by processing it into fish floss, providing skills in making floss and packaging. Subsequent service activities can be directed at efforts to assist the community in obtaining P-IRT permits, assisting sales through social media, and accompanying the next production innovation process, among others by trying various other flavours apart from those tested in current community service activities.</em></p> <p><em>Desa Songan, Kecamatan Kintamani merupakan desa yang memiliki potensi lokal yaitu banyaknya pembudidaya ikan mujair dan oleh pembudidaya hanya dimanfaatkan dengan cara menjual hasil panennya berupa ikan mentah saja. Harganya yang relatif murah kurang bisa memberikan keuntungan yang signifikan terhadap pembudidaya ikan mujair, sehingga dibutuhkan inovasi untuk mengolahnya lebih lanjut. Melihat situasi semacam ini, maka perlu diadakan pelatihan pengolahan ikan mujair menjadi makanan siap saji seperti abon ikan dan pengemasan produk &nbsp;agar dapat meningkatkan nilai jual ikan mujair. Pembuatan abon ikan ini tidak memerlukan biaya yang besar, sehingga mudah untuk diaplikasikan oleh pembudidaya ikan mujair. Sementara nilai jualnya relatif lebih baik daripada nilai jual ikan mentah. Permasalahan di lapangan dalam kegiatan pengabdian ini digali melalui metode observasi dan wawancara. Setelah permasalahan berhasil diidentifikasi, dilakukan persiapan pelatihan dan sosialisasi, kemudian dilakukan pelatihan pembuatan abon ikan beserta pengemasannya. Kegiatan ini berhasil memberikan pemahaman akan pentingnya meningkatkan nilai tambah produksi ikan melalui pengolahannya menjadi abon ikan, memberikan keterampilan pembuatan abon ikan dan pengemasannya. Kegiatan pengabdian selanjutnya dapat diarahkan pada upaya mendampingi masyarakat dalam pengurusan ijin P-IRT, membantu penjualan melalui media sosial, dan mendampingi proses inovasi produksi berikutnya, antara lain dengan mencoba berbagai varian rasa lainnya selain yang diuji coba pada kegiatan pengabdian saat ini. </em></p> Ni Putu Jesika Novianti Luh Putu Mahyuni Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.6222 Pelatihan Peningkatan Kompetensi Guru SMA Negeri 2 Tebing Tinggi Menggunakan Google Classroom sebagai Media Pembelajaran Selama Masa Pandemic Covid-19 https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/6001 <p><em>Pada masa pandemic covid-19 yang melanda indonesia, banyak bidang yang terkena dampak signifikan dari pandemic ini, salah satunya yaitu bidang&nbsp; pendidikan. Guru-guru diwajibkan melakukan proses pembelajaran daring dengan menggunakan google classroom. Tetapi banyak guru yang masih gagap pemanfaatan teknologi informasi, salah satunya yaitu di SMA Negeri 2 Tebing Tinggi yang sebagian&nbsp; gurunya sudah berusia mendekati pensiun dan hampir semuanya tidak mengetahui google classroom. Sehingga pelatihan untuk meningkatkan kompetensi guru menggunakan google classroon sangat penting. Tujuannya yaitu guru dapat memanfaatkan google classroom sebagai media pembelajaran daring selama pandemic covid-19 dan guru dapat berinteraksi dengan siswa. Pelatihan ini dilakukan bertahap , pertama penyampaian materi, selanjutnya tahapan kedua yaitu pelatihan dan praktek langsung penggunaan google classroom, pada tahapan terakhir dilakukan evaluasi dengan hasil pemantauan dan skor nilai angket evaluasi. Dari hasil evaluasi didapat nilai rata-ratanya 89,67, berarti pelatihan memberikan hasil yang baik sekali dalam meningkatkan kompetensi guru menggunakan google classroom sebagai media pembelajaran</em></p> Almandra Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.6001 Sosialisasi Penerapan Google FormsSebagai Alat Penilaian Pembelajaran di SDN117 Pekanbaru https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/dinamisia/article/view/7594 <p><em>The corona virus pandemic indirectly has a very significant impact on aspects of human life, especially in the education aspect. Every role holder in education, both teachers, students, parents, must be ready to carry out the 4.0 revolution where learning is carried out online. The purpose of this community service activity is to provide socialization and share knowledge about the use of an application that can facilitate teachers in the assessment system or learning assessment which is usually carried out in class using paper replaced by using sophisticated applications that can be downloaded for free on the internet. The use of the application in question is Google form. This application aims to facilitate teachers in the assessment of learning evaluation. This activity made a significant contribution so that it was beneficial for partners in this activity are the teachers of SDN 117 Pekanbaru.</em></p> Indah Muzdaliifah Dian Rianita Elvira Asril Copyright (c) 2021 Dinamisia : Jurnal Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat 2021-08-24 2021-08-24 5 4 10.31849/dinamisia.v5i4.7594