Jurnal Pustaka Budaya 2022-07-03T23:12:22+00:00 Nining Sudiar Open Journal Systems <p><em>Jurnal Pustaka Budaya </em>(<strong>pISSN: 2355-1186 | eISSN:2442-7799</strong>) published by Universitas Lancang Kuning since 2014 and published twice a year (14 articles per year). The subject covers, but not limited to, textual and fieldwork research with various perspectives of library and information science, archive, documentation, and many more. This journal not only served as a scholarly forum for the lecturers and professors at the Universitas Lancang Kuning, but it also invited scholars and researchers outside the university to contribute.</p> <p><strong>Jurnal Pustaka Budaya has been accredited as a scientific journal by the Ministry of Research-Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia: 36/E/KPT/2019</strong></p> MEMBANGUN KREATIVITAS PUSTAKAWAN PADA KEGIATAN PENGEMBANGAN KOLEKSI DI PERPUSTAKAAN 2022-07-03T23:12:20+00:00 Berti Atika Putri <p>Building librarian creativity in the collection of development activities is outstandingly needed in libraries. This activity includes the stages of collection development, starting from the legal basis for collection <br>development (community analysis), collection development policy, selection, procurement, weeding, and assessment of library materials. Due to the creativity of librarians in the management of the collection, particularly in the development of collections, it is hoped that librarians can provide a new innovation related to the collection itself. Librarian&nbsp; must be creative in managing collections because they are needed in the library especially in collection development. Admittedly, collection development activities do not directly meet with the library users, but these activities are very influential, arguably highly important in library because the library originates from this activity. Therefore, the point of every collection management in the library must go through a collection development process first, and in this process, bookkeeping officers are required to be more innovative in completing their responsibilities.</p> 2022-07-03T22:20:56+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Author and Journal PEMANFAATAN SLIMS DALAM SISTEM KATALOGISASI DI RUMAH BACA ANAK NAGARI DAERAH BUKITTINGGI 2022-07-03T23:12:21+00:00 Nadia Nur Azizah Evi Nursanti Rukmana Asep Saeful Rohman <p>The impact of technology and internet became the background for the establishment of Rumah Baca Anak Nagari, as well as a component of knowledge management support at RBAN in processing library materials. <br>RBAN used SLiMS as a processing collection system on cataloging and information retrieval activities. This study aims to determine the extent/existence the use of SLiMS application in cataloging system at Rumah Baca Anak Nagari, and the steps of how to operate those application system. This research uses descriptive qualitative research as its method. The findings describe the use of SLiMS application in RBAN is with applying the bibliography feature for the library materials cataloging activity, which produce catalogs and call number labels to facilitate RBAN staff in finding library materials. The operation of SLiMS on the bibliography menu goes through some stages of filling in bibliography descriptions and subject analysis, based on the ISBD bibliography <br>description standard and the DDC classification scheme. It can be concluded that the use of the SLiMS application in RBAN on the bibliography menu runs quite optimally, but has not run optimally in another menu such as membership and circulation features.</p> 2022-07-03T22:35:22+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Author and Journal KEGIATAN KATALOGISASI DI PERPUSTAKAAN SMAN 12 BANDUNG 2022-07-03T23:12:21+00:00 Angeli Shelya Noviyanti Evi Nursanti Rukmana Asep Saeful Rohman <p>The library is an institution that manages collections in the form of written works, printed works, and recorded works with a professional management system and aims to meet the needs of education, research, preservation, information, and recreation for users or users. One of the most important activities carried out by a library is the management of library materials. This library material management activity is one of the core activities of the library where the organization of library materials is a process of preparing library materials starting from the library materials entered until the library materials are ready to be used by the users systematically with the aim that the process of searching for information on library materials can be carried out more easily. This study aims to find out how the library of SMAN 12 Bandung manage their library materials. This study uses a descriptive qualitative research method where the authors make direct observations to the library of SMAN 12 Bandung to find out the conditions of their library materials processing. After making observations, the authors found that the management of library materials in the library of SMAN 12 Bandung is still not optimal due to several factors, such as not inputting bibliographic data into the online database. Even so, the library materials in the library of SMAN 12 Bandung have been arranged systematically on the bookshelf in accordance with the book classification number.</p> 2022-07-03T22:44:11+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Author and Journal PERAN POJOK BACA DALAM MENUMBUHKAN MINAT BACA MASYARAKAT DUSUN NGRANCAH 2022-07-03T23:12:21+00:00 Welly Deanoari Anugrah Arina Faila Saufa Hernika Irnadianis <p>The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the role of the reading corner in growing and increasing the reading interest of the people of Dusun Ngrancah. Interest in reading is a desire to read on the impulse from within oneself. Reading interest is not the same as reading habit, however, simply reading interest can be said as the potential to read voluntarily. This study uses a qualitative method with the object of research is the reading corner located in the Al-Munir mosque in Ngrancah Hamlet and the research subjects are children of productive age in Ngrancah Hamlet. The data collection techniques used in this study were observation, interviews, and documentation. The data obtained qualitatively shows that the reading corner at the Al-Munir Mosque is able to increase the reading interest of the people of Dusun Ngrancah, especially for children aged <br>6-14 years. The results of the study show that the reading corner of Dusun Ngrancah provides several roles as follows: 1.) increasing public interest in reading, 2.) increasing children's enthusiasm for learning, 3.) adding insight and knowledge for readers, 4.) filling people's spare time who visited Al-Munir Mosque, and 5.) as a facility for reading books for the community.</p> 2022-07-03T22:51:51+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Author and Journal KEUSANGAN LITERATUR PADA ARTIKEL JURNAL KAJIAN INFORMASI & PERPUSTAKAAN (JKIP) UNIVERSITAS PADJADJARAN TAHUN 2015-2019 2022-07-03T23:12:21+00:00 Nabilla Nada Nafissa Yunus Winoto Kusnandar <p>Science’s development occurs rapidly, so that the literature with the latest information has been created and causes the old literature to become obsolete. This is one of the impacts of the development of science known as literature obsolescence. This article analyzes the obsolescence of literature from Jurnal Kajian Informasi &amp; Perpustakaan (JKIP) Universitas Padjadjaran in 2015-2019. The method used is bibliometrics with citation analysis. Literature obsolescence can be determined by analyzing the half-life of the article. The data was obtained from the JKIP website, then the citations from each article were analyzed to obtain the half-life of the article. The results of the citation analysis on 14 articles with total of 1.254 citations obtained that the half-life of JKIP in 2015-2019 was 7,012 years. From the half-life of JKIP articles, the obsolescence of JKIP literature in 2015-2019 is 63% with 789 new citations and 464 obsolete citations.</p> 2022-07-03T23:03:16+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Author and Journal MANAJEMEN PERPUSTAKAAN BERBASIS SISTEM OTOMASI DI PERPUSTAKAAN SMA NEGERI 9 BANDAR LAMPUNG 2022-07-03T23:12:22+00:00 Eni Amaliah Rahmat Iqbal Mutiara Cahyani Putri <p><em>The purpose of the research discussed in this journal is to explain in detail about library management using an automation system in the library of SMA Negeri 9 Bandar Lampung. The method used in this research is by observation, survey or visiting, documentation, and interviewing directly the library of SMA Negeri 9 Bandar Lampung, namely with the head of the library and also one of the librarians in the library. In addition, the author also uses a qualitative descriptive method to be able to explain and describe the data obtained, and obrtain data through library research, namely through reading materials such as scientific journals. The results of this study include the automation system used in the library of SMA Negeri 9 Bandar Lampung, namely using SLiMS in supporting library management activities, then organizing/librarians who manage the automation system, the library of SMA Negeri 9 Bandar Lampung does not experience problems while using the automation system and can create opportunities for libraries.</em></p> 2022-07-03T23:08:01+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Author and Journal PEMETAAN PENGETAHUAN PENELITIAN TENTANG MITIGASI BENCANA DI INDONESIA PADA GOOGLE SCHOLAR 2022-07-03T23:12:22+00:00 Zahra Fahira Iskandar Yunus Winoto <p><em>Knowledge mapping is needed today. Knowledge of various topics falls within the scope of library and information science. One of the knowledge mapping is the study of scientific articles in the field of Disaster Mitigation in Indonesia. During 2021, Indonesia has been hit by 2,841 disasters. Even starting in 2020, Indonesia was hit by the Covid-19 disease outbreak until now. This knowledge mapping has a position as a supporter of the development of science regarding Disaster Mitigation which can make the Indonesian people more alert. This study aims to determine the mapping of science that is within the scope of the study of Disaster Mitigation in Indonesia, to find out the distribution of research articles on the research topic "Disaster Mitigation in Indonesia" on Google Scholar and to provide an overview of the state of disaster mitigation in Indonesia based on the findings. study. Qualitative research methods by means of thematic analysis. The results of the research show that mapping using VosViewer shows the relationship between disaster mitigation efforts and disaster studies, disaster mitigation concepts, types of disasters, data, mitigation policies, and forms of real efforts in the community. The conclusion of the research is that VosViewer can map the field of study on Disaster Mitigation in Indonesia. </em></p> 2022-07-03T23:11:19+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Author and Journal