Sistem Penunjang Keputusan Pemilihan BumDes Terbaik

(Studi kasus: BumDes Kabupaten Kampar - RIAU)

  • Roki Hardianto Fasilkom Unilak
  • Chandra Kusuma STMIK Dharmapala Riau
  • Febrizal Alfarasy Syam Universitas Lancang Kuning
Keywords: Desa Kampar, Bumdes, Sistem Penunjang Kepututusan, MOORA


This research raises the topic of decision support systems using the Moora method. Multi-Objective Optimization on the basis of Ratio Analysis (MOORA) is a multi-objective system that optimizes two or more conflicting attributes simultaneously. This method is applied to solve problems with complex mathematical calculations. The MOORA method has a level of flexibility and ease of understanding in separating the subjective part of an evaluation process into decision weight criteria with several decision-making attributes. This method has a good level of selectivity because it can determine the objectives of conflicting criteria. Where the criteria can be beneficial (benefit) or not profitable (cost). The object of the research is Village-Owned Enterprises in Kampar Regency. In the research process using at least 5 measurement criteria that will be processed in order to obtain a decision. In the Moora method, there are several process steps that must be carried out, including the following:

  1. Determining the purpose of identifying the relevant evaluation attributes and inputting the criteria value in an alternative where the value will be processed and the result will be a decision.
  2. Create a MOORA Decision Matrix
  3. Matrix of Normalization Moora
  4. Calculating the value of MOORA's multi-objective optimization
  5. Determine the Rank Value from the results of the MOORA calculation

The output of this research can be used as input for local governments in making decisions. The results of this study can certainly be a motivation for other BumDes who are not in the best ranking. The results of this study will be more complex when using more complex aspects of the assessment. convenience of interested parties to be able to find our articles.


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