About the Journal

Pedagogical Research Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes research results on pedagogical sciences in the form of scientific articles for worldwide publication. Pedagogical Research Journal focuses on research that has a high level of scientific validation of the findings and presents new important information for a wide scientific community.

The main research topics that are published in the review are:

-Educational technology practices and innovations in education – schools, teacher education, higher education and informal settings
-The theory and practice of educational technology in teaching and professional development/learning
-Evaluation of the impact of educational technology on teaching and learning
-Social, cultural, political and economic aspects of educational technology and pedagogy, particularly concerning better educational opportunities for disadvantaged learners
-Pre-service teachers working with educational technology in formal and informal settings
-Learners working with educational technology
-Links between schools, training institutions and the wider community.
-Theory and methods of teaching and learning.
-Theory and methods of education management.
-Information and communication technologies in education.
-Empirical studies on teaching and learning
-Teaching as learning as developmental processes
-Resolving tensions between content and skills
-Learning styles