PEMANFAATAN HASIL HUTAN BUKAN KAYU SEBAGAI REMPAH TAMBAHAN PADA MINUMAN HERBAL JAHE INSTAN (Utilization of Non-Timber Forest Products as Additional Spices in Instant Ginger Herbal Drinks)

  • Eni Suhesti
  • Hadinoto Hadinoto Universitas Lancang Kuning
Keywords: Non-Timber Forest Products, instant ginger, herbal drinks, spices


1) Measure the physical quality of instant ginger herbal drinks 2) Test the effect of the type of instant ginger drink on the consumer's hedonic rating. This research was conducted at the Laboratory of the Faculty of Forestry, Universitas Lancang Kuning using a completely randomized design with research factors of the types of spices added, namely without adding spices, adding cinnamon spices and lime, and adding spices of lemongrass and tamarind spices. Data on beverage quality consists of water content, ash content, and total dissolved solids. Whereas consumer hedonic rating data includes aroma, taste, thickness, color and overall preference. Data on beverage quality were analyzed descriptively and compared with SNI. Hedonic test data was analyzed using variance analysis, followed by Duncan's multiple comparison test. The results showed that the physical quality of instant jeu herbal drinks made without the addition of NTFPs as well as the addition of NTFPs consisting of water content, ash content and total dissolved solids still met SNI regarding the quality of traditional beverage powder. The type of concoction of instant ginger herbal drinks has a significant effect on the hedonic rating of color, aroma, thickness and overall preference (overall).


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