The Drainage Design on Umban Sari Street from STA 0+500 until STA 0+750 Rumbai Sub-District Pekanbaru City

  • Fadli Gunawan Teknik Sipil Universitas Lancang Kuning
  • Virgo Trisep Haris Universitas Lancang Kuning
  • Muthia Anggraini Universitas Lancang Kuning
Keywords: discharge, drainage, puddle


Drainage is an important part of city building. Drainage’s function is to channel the water stream in order to prevent pudde on road surface which will harm the road  construction.  Therefore,  an  adequate  drainage  is  needed  to  contain  the rainwater  and  waste  discharge  and  channel  it  to  the  sewer.  The  purpose  of  this research  is  to  calculate  the  appropriate  and  adequate  canal  drainage  capacity and dimension so that puddles and floods will less likely to happen in the next 10 years  on  the  research  sector.  Methods  used  is  gumbel,  arithmetic  and  rational. The result of research is economical section’s trapezoidal drainage design which dimension  needed  is  H  =  1,14  m.  B  =  1,41  m,  T  =  2,55  m  and  w  =  0,75  m. Therefore  can  be  concluded  that  designed  drainage  capacity  plan  on  sector Umban Sari street is capable to contain rainwater discharge, because it adjusted to total discharge plan of 0,55509 m3/s and total discharge plan of 0,246 m/s. The suggestion  from  this  research  so  that  this  planned  drainage  can  function optimally  is  all  party  concerned  will  have  to  maintenance  the  drainage periodically, by doing checking, cleaning and not littering.


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