Author Guidelines

The paper sent to our redaction will be considered for publication if meeting the following criteria:

  1. Articles written for Pustaka Budaya are scientific paper (research or conceptual papers) in the field of computer science and information and communication technology, but not limited to, textual and fieldwork research with various perspectives of library and information science, archive, documentation, and many more.
  2. The manuscripts has not been published in any form of publication.
  3. The manuscript is typed in Cambria, measuring 10 pts, with single space, the size of the A4 paper area, with the upper, lower, left and right boundaries 2.01 cm. The number of pages between 10-15 pages.
  4. The author's identity must include under the title including full name without the academic degree, institution name, institution address, and including media that can access internationally (phone/ fax/e-mail). 
  5. The article is written in Indonesian or English. The title is not more than 15 words. Abstracts must be between 100 and 250 words long and written in two languages, Indonesian and English. Keywords must exist, consisting of 3-5 words/phrases. The images and tables referred must include the references. The illustration is available in the color format to a minimum using shading and with good image quality.
  6. Words from foreign languages should be written in an italic form.
  7. The author uses a reference application, such as Mendeley, Zotero or Endnote when quoting references and making bibliographies in the article
  8. Rules and procedures for setting and citing the library list used are APA (American Psychological Association). A bibliography is expected to prioritize the use of articles from scientific journals that are published no more than 5 years before. Use of material from web pages is not recommended.
  9. Everything related to the licensing permission or the use of computer software for drafting or other matters related to intellectual property rights carried out by the author of the article, the following legal consequences that may arise due to it, are the full responsibility of the author of the article.
  10. Every manuscript entered into Pustaka Budaya then a similarity check will be performed using the Turnitin application, for the similarity index that exceeds 15%, the editor will not process the manuscript to the next stage.
  11. The aurhor/s should be responsible to his/her own article.


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