Article withdrawal

Guidelines for withdrawing a manuscript

Article withdrawal

To withdraw an article, the authors must write a clear and concise letter with an in-depth explanation as to why the manuscript needs to be withdrawn to avoid fine or withdrawal fees. The letter must be signed by all authors. The journal also maintains the right to withdraw an article due to the presence of plagiarism, fraudulent use of data or violations of other ethical codes. 

Article retraction

Articles that have been formally published on the website may be retracted. In the place of the article, a note titled “Retraction: [article title]” signed by the authors will be published on the website as a part of the subsequent issue. The original link will still contain the article but will contain a watermark and will be preceded by the note. The HTML version will be removed. Because Utamax : Journal of Ultimate Research and Trends in Education uses valuable resources to review and publish the original article, the fee for retracting an article is USD150 and must be paid before the html version and manuscript at the repository is removed.

Article removal

In very extreme cases, where serious legal rights were infringed or health risks are posed if the article remains published, an article will be removed from the online database and will be replaced with a screen indicating why the article was removed.

Article replacement

If an article contains information which will pose a health risk, the author may retract the original article and replace it with the new one. In this case, the article retraction process will be followed and the retraction note will contain the new link of the new article.