• Wenni Syafitri Universitas Lancang Kuning
  • Muhamad Sadar Universitas Lancang Kuning
  • Eddisyah Putra Pane Universitas Lancang Kuning
Keywords: BOS, Financial Report, Information System


SMP IT Madani as one of the schools that apply the concept of islamic in its education practice. SMP
IT Madani is a school formed by amil zakat self-supporting institution ummah Riau by using the
concept of free school. SMP IT stands in 2011 with a total of 20 students. Over time, the current
number of junior Madani IT students amounted to 75 students. The average students who attend
junior high school IT is the students who come from poor families.
SMP IT Madani has received School Operational Assistance (BOS) a few years back. The BOS
program uses a different approach than Special Assistance for Students (BKM) ie BOS funds are not
given to poor students but are provided to schools and managed by schools. The mechanism for
calculating BOS funds is based on the number of students in each school. So the goal of this BOS
can be achieved is to free the cost of education for poor students or not able and can alleviate for
other students so they can get 9 years basic education services.
The obligations of schools receiving BOS programs should report the realization of the use of the
program to the government. Currently schools are having difficulties to make reporting realization
of BOS program to government and foundation. Differences in reporting formats to foundations and
governments make the school experience serious problems. If it does not sync between reporting
between the government and the foundation will cause many other questions and problems. When
interviewed, the school is very eager for this matter to be resolved immediately.
Based on the problems of the partners, it can be concluded the solution of the problem is a reporting
information system synchronized to the government and the foundation. So that SMP IT Madani no
longer experience obstacles to the reporting of BOS program activities. As a result the name of
Unilak increasingly fragrant in the eyes of society, especially SMP IT Madani.
Method of implementation of activities used is direct observation to the location of partners to
perform the first phase, this stage includes data collection and data processing. When this stage takes
place, we will get an overview of the Information Technology environment, and the partner's need
for the BOS program reporting mechanism. After the first phase is done, it will be held the second
phase of socialization, this stage to do the sosiasisasi about the benefits of synchronizing BOS
reporting to the government and the foundation. Then in the third stage, the authors do the design
and implementation of BOS reporting system based on information obtained from the foundation.
Finally, the training phase: Each partner school sends its representative two people, to attend training
on the use of reporting system that can synchronize BOS and foundation reporting.


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