The Influence of Students’ Goal Orientation toward Their Speaking Ability at Junior High School at Pekanbaru City

  • candra kirana Akademi Kebidanan Helvetia Pekanbaru
Keywords: Goal orientation, speaking ability



The main objective of this study was to find out the Correlations of Students’ Goal Orientation toward their Speaking Ability in in Junior High Schools in Pekanbaru City. This study was correlationals study which students Goal Orientation and students’ speaking Ability. The participants in this study were second year students in vocational in Junior High Schools in Pekanbaru City. The instrument used in order to obtain the data were questionnaires for assessing students’ Goal Orientation. Then, in assessing students’ speaking ability, the test was conducted. After analyzing the data by using Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS) 20 version, it was obtain that students’ Goal Orientation was in medium level (M= 85, SD 10.34441). Moreover, students’ speaking ability was in low level (M: 56.50; Std. Deviation 0.56325). After analyzing data, the finding showed that there was significant using statistical analysis of correlation, it shows the relationship between students’ Goal Orientation and their speaking ability (r = 0.925, p=0.00). Futuremore, this study suggested that students’ goal orientation of Speaking English should be enhanced and in order to assist students managed to thier academic succsess.




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