About the Journal

ELSYA Journal of English Language Studies (Theory and Application) is a triannual publication journal for all those involved in English Language Studies, whether as a second, additional, or foreign language, or as an international Lingua Franca. The Journal links the everyday concerns of practitioners with insights gained from relevant academic disciplines such as Linguistics, Literature, and Education in English context. ELSYA journal aims to provide a medium for informed discussion of the principles and practice which determine the ways in which English is taught, learnt and explored around the world. It also provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among members of the profession worldwide.

Types of Articles Eligible for Review in ELSYA:

Forum articles which are short commentaries that stimulate discussion on notable issues of interest to other scholars in the field. This type of paper has the purpose of provoking thought, discussion, and debate. ELSYA accepts forum articles containing 2000-3000 words (including footnotes and bibliography).

Research Articles which are full-length papers of your original/novel contribution to the relevant academic disciplines. ELSYA accepts your manuscripts of research articles that are at least 5 pages (not including abstract and references), and contain at least more than 4500 words.

Research Notes which aim to provide discussions of new data sources, research techniques, and/or research practices that are relevant to the academic disciplines this journal focuses on. This type of paper must demonstrate the broad utility of the approach or research tools (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, or formal) and describe the subtance of new data sources (making the data available and accessible to the community as well). ELSYA accepts research notes containing 3000-5000 words (including references).

E-ISSN: 2684-9224

P-ISSN: 2684-7620

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31849/elsya.v1i2