Peer Reviewing Guidelines

As reviewers, your aim is to provide authors with constructive feedback so that they can make improvements to their work. Keep in mind that the manuscript sent to you is a privileged confidential document. This means that you cannot use the information obtained during the peer-review process for your own or any other person or organisation's advantage or disadvantage.

When you receive an email request for review, you will have 7 days to login to your account and declare whether you ACCEPT REVIEW or DECLINE REVIEW REQUEST. You will receive the necessary information of the manuscript (title, abstract, keywords) and you will be asked to declare any competing interests. Elsya Journal only assigns one reviewer with 1-2 manuscripts at a time, although reviewers may request to review more manuscripts via email or For Editor Only comment.

Elsya Journal's peer review process is double blind to avoid conflict of interests and discriminination of nationality/gender/belief. We advise reviewers to not write their names or afiliations in their feedback comments. Although you may recommend authors to cite your papers (if relevant), please also recommend other relevant studies that you do not own to avoid clearly revealing your identity to the author.

After you accept the review request, you will have additional 14 days to complete and submit your review. Use the Comment function on Microsoft Word to enter your comments. Ensure that the username of your Word software do not contain your identity. Use the Track Change function if you are editing the body text directly.

In making your report, please ensure that you provide a clear verdict on the paper:

  • Accept Submission
  • Revisions revisions required (Minor Revisions; the revised manuscript will not normally be returned to you for checking)
  • Resubmit for Review (Major Revisions; you will normally receive the revised manuscript for re-review)
  • Resubmit Elsewhere (If you think the manuscript does not fit into Elsya Journal's focus and scope, nevermind if the manuscript's quality is acceptable or not)
  • Rejected (If you found that the manuscript contains too many errors or violates the publication ethics)

Your review will help the Editor decide whether or not to publish the article.

  • Does the manuscript provide insight into an important issue, especially a recent issue?
  • Does the manuscript present their research gaps and novelty clearly?
  • Is the manuscript interesting for and has a significant chance of being cited by an international audience?
  • Does the results from the manuscript stimulate new, important questions?

Your comments in the Open Journal System review dashboard.

  • Remember that authors will welcome positive feedback as well as constructive criticism from you.
  • Your comments for the “Editor only” will not be sent to the author.
  • If you have further insight or need rectify part of your review, please Add Discussion and the Editor or Section Editor will correspond with you.

After you have submitted your review, we will evaluate your report and the manuscript. In 1-5 days, we will send you a Certificate as Reviewer for the manuscript in question as our form of appreciation. If you are a first-time reviewer for Elsya Journal, we will add your name, affiliation and track record in the Editors page.