Become a Reviewer

Elsya : Journal of English Language Studies (P-ISSN: 2684-7620, E-ISSN: 2684-9224) invites researchers and academicians are invited to participate in the review process. Peer review is the essential element in promoting quality and excellence in papers; thus, the Board seeks reviewers who can provide a critical analysis on manuscripts from a wide range of disciplines yet focused on addressing a research gap on our knowledge or a novel phenomenon on our experience with English language. 


Due to extensive readership, the research and scholarship presented will ultimately have an impact on literacy in classrooms, nationally and internationally. We are seeking professionals to join our Editorial Board or Reviewer. Once you become one of our Editorial Board Members, 


  • Elsya Journal has partnered with Publons, the world’s leading peer review platform, to officially recognize your peer review contributions. Once you completed your review, you can verify your peer review work in your Publons as evidence of your track record as a Reviewer.
  • Once you send the reviewed manuscript to our system, you will receive a Certificate and your name will be listed on the journal’s Peer Reviewers webpage.
  • You are enforced to read carefully various manuscripts in your area of importance and interest. You will come across the latest research before everyone else and gives you a position of leadership in your research community. Thereby you routinely keep yourself up-to-date while checking and suggesting the changes in manuscripts.
  • This work helps to add in and provides a better way to create your identity as a well-known expert in your field and may lead to increased invitations to speak at conferences or demand for invited research of your specialized area.


  • Download the manuscripts sent to you and use the Comment feature to give constructive and positive feedback. Use Track Changes feature if you make any changes in the document (proofreading, deleteing, etc.) Avoid the use of unnecessarily inflammatory or offensive language in their appraisal of the work and comments not related to the authors’ work and so forth. 
  • Review submitted work in a responsible, impartial and timely manner. You have the right to Decline a review request when asked for a response, but once you Accept, we will remind you by email if you miss the agreed upon deadline.
  • Report any suspected ethical misconduct as part of a thorough and honest review of the work.
  • Ensure you declare all potential competing, or conflicting, interests. If you are unsure about a potential competing interest that may prevent you from reviewing, you may seek advice from the editor. Competing interests may be personal, financial, intellectual, professional, political or religious in nature.
  • We recommend that you register at Publons (for free) as the Editorial Board of Elsya : Journal of English Language Studies.