Editorial Process

Authors who successfully submitted manuscripts will receive a notification of whether the manuscripts can proceed to peer review or not within 2-5 working days.

Every manuscript be selected through internal review by the Editorial Board, in which:

  • The manuscripts will be evaluated whether they are in accordance with the focus and scope of Elsya Journal. The Manuscripts that are not in accordance will be rejected, but if an adjustment is a possibility the authors will be requested to revise.
  • The manuscripts will also be checked with Turnitin to identify any evidence of plagiarism before being reviewed by qualified reviewers. If the authors receive the message "Turnitin check: fail" in the Discussion Box, authors will be recommended to revise or the manuscript will be rejected depending on the results of the similarity check.

Elsya : Journal of English Language Studies applies a double-blind policy, therefore the manuscripts given to peer reviewers will not contain details of the author's identity or affiliations. Mentions of these in the manuscript will be replaced with a blue-coloured [Redacted].

The Editor will request at least two experts to review the manuscript. With the double-blind peer review system, both authors' and reviewers' identities will remain anonymous to each other to avoid bias and conflicts of interest.

The Editorial Board considers the peer reviewers' feedback and arrives at a decision, which can be:

  • Accept without Any Changes (acceptance): Elsya Journal will publish the paper in its original form
  • Accept with Minor Revision (acceptance): Elsya Journal will publish the paper and asks the author to make small corrections
  • Accept after Major Revision (conditional acceptance): Elsya Journal will publish the paper provided the authors make the changes suggested by the reviewers and/or editors
  • Resubmit Manuscript (conditional rejection): Elsya Journal is willing to reconsider the manuscript in another round of review after the authors make major revisions
  • Decline Submission (rejection): Elsya Journal will not publish the paper or reconsider it even if the authors make major revisions

The Board is authorized to reject a manuscript based on peer reviewer advice, decide which manuscripts should be published and make necessary changes or adjustment related to language properties without altering the substance. Substance editing would be consulted with the author first.

Pre-publication Publicity

We always encourage authors to share their work with the scientific community through conference presentations and other discussions. We also understand that some of our authors may choose to share copies of their manuscripts by posting them online on a preprint server.

With online posting, we appreciate that information about the work is publicly available and may therefore be covered by media outlets or other venues and that authors may be contacted by and speak to reporters, but please note that early coverage can impact media interest in a paper at the time of publication.