• Hadira Latiar Program Studi Ilmu Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu BudayaUniversitas Lancang Kuning
Keywords: Pierre bourdieu, librarian, habitus


Librarians are always required to adapt to the situation surrounding the library. This is influenced by internal and external factors. For this reason, librarians are required to have good skills in dealing with various situations in the library. Librarians' abilities are determined by many factors. One of them is factors that can be monitored through the logic of Bourdieu's thinking about habitus, capital, arena, and doxa-heterodoxa-orthodhoxa. On that basis, the formulation of the problem presented in this study is how is the application of Pierre Bourdieu's logic to librarians? This research is a literature study, which is supported by relevant information sources. The data analysis is done by means of interpretation. Pierre Bourdieu has the concepts of habitus, capital, arena, and doxa-heterodoxa-orthodhoxa. The results of the research conducted regarding the logic of Bourdieu's thinking show that habitus cannot be separated from the existence of librarians as individual or social human beings. Thus forming a librarian as an individual who can always adapt to various situations that develop in the library.


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