An Analysis of English Loanword Used in Riau Pos Daily Newspaper

  • Estika Satriani Universitas Islam Riau
Keywords: English Loan Word, Riau Pos daily Newpaper


Most of Indonesian vocabularies now are derived from other languages such as from English. The phenomena caused by many new foreign words that used in Indonesia.  It is called loanword. It  means that a  word from one language adapted into another language. This research was aimed to analyze and describe the types of English loanwords written in Riau Pos daily newspaper; simple word, complex word, and translated word. The research was descriptive design. The  source of data in this research was article of  Opini, Ekonomi-bisnis, and Politik  that published on April  9th, 19th, 20th, 23rd 2016 in Riau Pos daily newpaper.  The result of the research showed that there were 217 English loan word that used in Riau Pos daily newspaper. Complex  word  was the most frequently used which there were 122 of complex word, then there were 82 simple word used in Riau Pos daily newspaper, meanwhile  translated word was the least frequently which there were 13 of  translated word used in Riau pos daily newspaper.  In conclusion it can contribute  to linguistics fields and Indonesian language itself.


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Author Biography

Estika Satriani, Universitas Islam Riau

English Department Program


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