Article manuscripts in the form of research results that have not yet been published in other print and electronic media.
The article script is written in a systematic manner as follows:
TITLE (Using capital letters)
The title must be specific and effective, no more than 150 characters, writing the title of the article uses clear language and can attract the interest of the reader.

Author's name (without title and supplemented by the author's institution, written with Capital Letter at the beginning of the word then followed by a lowercase letter)
Abstract (Abstract contains around 100 - 200 words)
Abstracts are written in two languages, namely: Indonesian (entered into submissions) and English (included in hardcopy) is completed with keywords.

INTRODUCTION (using capital letters)
The introduction is written without the format of the problem statement and the purpose of the study. A description of the problem statement and objectives is outlined directly in the introductory discussion, without a separate format and shows the novelty in the study.

LITERATURE REVIEW (using capital letters)
In the text, if you reference other articles, you can write the author's last name in the year with commas and parentheses. Example: (Becker, 2017); if with two authors (Hannan and Freeman, 2018); with more than two authors (Ittner et al., 2018); with more than one source that is simultaneously cited (Jones, 2017; Freeman, 2018); with two or more articles by one and the same writer (Jones, 2017, 2018). If the name of the author has been mentioned in the text, it does not need to be cited again. Then the citation fund needs to be avoided directly.

RESEARCH METHOD (using capital letters)
Contains content: Data and Samples, Measurement of Variables, Tools of Analysis and Testing of Hypotheses.

Arrange references in bibliography based on the alphabet, using the author's last name and according to the example below:

Chirinko, R., Singha, A., 2018, Static Testing of Packing Packing Models of Capital Structure; A Critical Comment. Journal of Financial Economics 58, 417-425.

The article text is typed in times new romance type and font size 12 A4 quarto paper size, one space spacing, minimum 10 pages and a maximum of 20 pages using good and correct Indonesian, the use of foreign terms is italicized.
The table contained in the article must be given sequential numbering in the bold format with the table title. Writing sources on tables and images using 12 fonts without italic and bold.

Table 1: Results of Multiple Regression Analysis from Research Data Processing Using the SPSS Program


Source: Processed Data, 2018

The image contained in the article must be given a numbered sequence in the bold format with the title of the image. Writing the title of the image is under the picture.



Picture 1:

The development of Honda Brand Motorcycle Sales was seen in the last 10 years

Article script submitted without page format (page numbering).
The article manuscript refers to at least 5 scientific article references, with a minimum of 1 reference from published economic and business scientific journals.
The article script completed with the author's biography is submitted in the form of a soft file sent directly through the submission process with the address: https://journal.unilak.ac.id/index.php/JIEB or sent via email: [email protected]
The editorial board has the right to change or adjust the language and terms used, by not changing the substance they contain.
Full responsibility for the contents of scientific work is by the author, including plagiarism.
Articles of articles that do not meet the requirements are not published and returned to the author through the system.