Students’ Ability in Answering Questions of Each Section in the TOEFL

  • M. Fadhly Farhy Abbas
Keywords: Students’ ability, TOEFL, Extremely Limited User


This research is based on the needs analysis as well as to evaluate the students’ ability in
answering the questions in TOEFL. This is done because the score of TOEFL is used as one of the
requirement to join thesis exam at English Education Department, Faculty of Teachers Training and
Education University of Lancang Kuning. This research aims at analyzing the students’ ability in answering
TOEFL test. The method employed in this research was quantitative method with descriptive quantitative
research design. The population of this research were the students at the 7th semester which were consisted of
55 students. All the population became the sample of this research. In this research, the researcher collected
the data by using the TOEFL test. Then, the result of the test was analyzed by using scoring guideline in
TOEFL, then the scores were categorized into some levels of ability. The result of the test showed that the
scores obtained by the students were mostly under 450 and categorized into low level ability (Extremely
Limited User). It can be concluded that the students’ ability in taking TOEFL test is categorized into low
level ability.


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